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Note: a URL pointing to your favorite Newick or Nexus file is also valid input for PhyloWidget Full.


What is PhyloWidget?

PhyloWidget is a program for viewing, editing, and publishing phylogenetic trees online. It is small, contains a simple yet powerful user interface, and contains many novel features not available in other phylogenetic viewers (see the screenshots).

What is it used for?

PhyloWidget is specifically designed for:

Who wrote it?

The software was written by Gregory Jordan as a Google Summer of Code project under the mentorship of Bill Piel. Many thanks are also due to Hilmar Lapp, a secondary mentor on the project and the lead organizer of the Phyloinformatics Summer of Code 2007.


If PhyloWidget has played an important role in your publication, please cite us!

PhyloWidget: web-based visualizations for the tree of life
Gregory E. Jordan; William H. Piel
Bioinformatics 2008 24: 1641-1642
PubMed | CiteULike

Contact Information

All queries regarding the general use, integration, or availability of PhyloWidget should be directed towards

Bugs may be reported using the Issue Tracker on Google Code.

For more general queries, requests for collaboration, etc., please contact Bill Piel and/or Gregory Jordan directly.



Extensive documentation for PhyloWidget has been produced in the form a series of short vignettes, collectively titled PhyloWidget Step-by-Step:

NB: the entire HTML and Javascript source code to the Step-by-Step documentation is available here. This is a very useful resource if you are attempting to use the advanced functionality of PhyloWidget.

In the spirit of Literate Programming, we've documented some of PhyloWidget's more interesting configuration parameters within the code itself. All of the source code can be reached via the Google code browser. Here are the most useful links:


A list of known problems and potential solutions can be found on the Troubleshooting Page:


The following downloads are automatically generated by the PhyloWidget build script. They should reflect the current version of PhyloWidget that is available on the website. To access the absolute latest source code, please use the Google Code SVN repository.

You may choose between:


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